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income replacement ratio

Why retirement will be cheaper than you think.

Will retirement be cheaper than you think?  Maybe.  A lot depends on your income replacement ratio.  What’s that you ask?  It’s the percentage of your current income that you will need during retirement to maintain your standard of living. Some people will need 100% of their current income.  Others will be able to get by […]

Retirement fire drill

If you spend a good portion of your day in a building like an office or a school, chances are good that you’ve participated in a fire drill.  Those faux escapes give everyone a chance to practice evacuating the building and give those in charge an opportunity to identify and fix any potential problems. If […]

protect your nest egg

Why you should roll your 401(k) into your IRA when you retire

Your 401(k) is a great tool for accumulation, but it’s probably not the best place to leave your money once your goals shift to distribution.  After retiring, it usually makes sense to roll your money out of your 401(k) and into your IRA.  Here’s why: Simplification.  The average person changes jobs several times over the […]

the 15 minute retirement readiness review

Case study: When can I retire?

I met with a prospective new client this week and he asked me the question I get asked by most people during introductory meetings: “When can I afford to retire?” We spent about an hour working through some numbers and coming up with the answer.  I thought seeing a real world example would be helpful to […]

How to turn your savings into an income stream

(Note: This is Part 3 in a 3 part series that I did for the Omaha World Herald on retirement planning for different life stages.) To state the obvious, farming and cooking are two different things.  One is about creating.  The other is about consuming.  A similar relationship exists between preparing for retirement and being […]