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assisted living

So…I moved into assisted living. Here’s how it went.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in one of those newfangled senior living facilities that are popping up all over the place?  I was curious too.  So I moved into one.  I have a friend whose company owns a number of these retirement centers and they had just finished building […]

low interest rates ruining retirement

Repurpose your life insurance to pay for long-term care

Have you ever bought anything that totally made sense at the time, but now you don’t really want (or need) it?  The treadmill that now doubles as a clothes rack.  The timeshare you bought after a high-pressure sales pitch.  The Franklin Mint plate collection.  For some people life insurance falls into this category.  It made […]

Free long term care conference call

“Should I buy long term care insurance?”  I get asked that question at least once a week.  As you prepare for retirement, I’m guessing that question has crossed your mind a time or two as well.  Well, you’re in luck.  I do my best to provide useful resources for my readers (who, like those in […]

5 reasons to keep your life insurance during retirement

When entering retirement, it’s common to simplify your budget as much as possible by cutting all unnecessary expenses.  Nix the expensive work wardrobe.  Downsize to a smaller house.  Stop making IRA and 401(k) contributions.  Cancel your life insurance policies.  Hold on.  Not so fast.  That insurance might come in handy during retirement. Income replacement is […]

Can the new health care law help you retire early?

One of the biggest obstacles to retiring early is health care.  If you want to retire at 62, but don’t become eligible for Medicare until 65, you have a three-year window where you need to bridge the gap between your employer’s coverage and Medicare.  Traditionally, that has meant either going without insurance (not a good […]