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30 day learning challenge: SCUBA edition

Greetings from the bottom of a cold, dark lake somewhere in Nebraska.  What ridiculous set of circumstances brought me here, you ask?  As you may remember, this month’s learning challenge was supposed to be learning how to make croissants with my wife.  I had to call an audible, however, and shift to SCUBA diving so […]

30 day learning challenge: World geography edition

In the recent post “How (and why) to be a lifelong learner” I wrote about how constantly learning new things makes for a rewarding, meaningful life (and retirement).  Lucky for us, we live during a time when it is easier than ever to teach ourselves how to do just about anything.  With that in mind, […]

How (and why) to be a lifelong learner

Show me someone who loves to learn new things and I’ll show you someone who will most likely have an interesting, rewarding retirement.  Why is that?  Learning comes with a host of benefits like: It keeps your mind sharp It keeps you engaged with advances in society (Congrats to my mom on buying her first […]