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why do so many people unretire

Why do so many people Unretire?

Retirees are Unretiring in record numbers.  You read that right.  After decades of work and anticipation, people are entering retirement only to reverse course and head back to work.  The RAND corporation conducted a survey in 2017 and found that almost 40 percent of workers over age 65 had previously been retired.  That’s a lot […]

Camino de Santiago

Walking the Camino de Santiago

  Note: This post is part of a weekend series I’m doing throughout 2015 that is focused on fun things to do (or learn) during retirement (i.e. bucket list items). I hope you enjoy them and use them as inspiration for your own adventures. Congrats to Donna from our Facebook page who was the winner […]


One month ago I left for a mini-retirement. Here’s what happened.

“One cannot really come to appreciate one’s life, save by playing with it and hazarding it a little.”   ~ Jack London Just over a month ago we packed our bags and hit the road for Mini-Retirement #1. The trip was part vacation and part experiment as I tested out some of the things that I’ve […]

mini retirements

Bon Voyage!

Greetings from seat 22C, somewhere over the Atlantic en route to Ireland and England. Wow, that came up fast! When I decided last September to take our first mini retirement sometime in 2014, it seemed more like a thought experiment than an impending reality. Fast forward 9 months and I found myself knee deep in […]

accomplishing big goals

The secret to doing big things

It’s no accident that this site is called Intentional Retirement. Being intentional with this brief, but beautiful life is one of the things I’ve tried to weave into the DNA of the site since day one.  I preach that sermon every chance I get and I work hard to practice what I preach.  I know […]