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protect yourself from identity theft

How to protect yourself from identity theft

  Quick Note:  For those of you with “Retirement Planning” on your New Year’s Resolution list, I extended the $60 discount on The Ideal Retirement Design Guide through January 31st. I have a retired client—let’s call him Mark—who was going on a trip and he asked his neighbor to water his plants and keep an […]

year end wrap up

Year end wrap up

Well that year went by fast!  It seems like just yesterday that Punxatawney Phil was telling us that spring was almost here and now Ryan Seacrest is warming up in Times Square to help us bid adieu to 2015. How was your year?  For me it was great in a lot of ways and challenging […]

thoughts on losing a loved one

Thoughts on losing a loved one

Hi everyone. Sorry it’s been a bit since I’ve written. Two weeks ago today we had my extended family over for lunch at our house to celebrate my mom and brother’s birthdays. My 89 year-old grandpa was there, as he was most times when we had family get-togethers. You may remember him from this post […]

Where were you when…

Do you remember where you were 11 years ago on September 11, 2001?  I was on an airplane.  In hindsight, not the best place to be. You see, my grandpa is a huge Chicago Cubs fan.  One day we were talking baseball and I said “We should go to Wrigley sometime for a game.” Since […]

Kindle Touch Giveaway

  I wanted you, my loyal, long suffering readers to be the first to know that I just launched a Facebook page for Intentional Retirement.  To help spread the word about the page I’m giving away an Amazon Kindle Touch to one lucky person who “Likes” the page. Here’s how it works.  Everyone who goes […]