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changes to your Social Security claiming options

Congress just made huge changes to your Social Security claiming options

Who says Congress can’t act quickly when they need to?  Just last week they rapidly (after much previous delay) approved budget legislation to narrowly avoid a government shutdown.  Unfortunately, buried deep in the pages of that budget—probably somewhere between synchronized swimming studies on Sea Monkeys and a real life iron man suit (actual expenditures in […]

key retirement ages

8 key retirement ages and what to do at each

When it comes to retirement, your bank account is more important than your birthday.  Even so, there are several key retirement ages that you will want to keep in mind as you plan. Age 50:  Once you hit the big 5-0, the government raises the contribution limits on your IRA and 401(k).  For those turning […]

How the government is cutting your Social Security benefits

No, you didn’t miss the memo.  The government hasn’t announced any plans to cut Social Security.  At least not overtly.  They have, however (in my opinion), been covertly reducing the value of Social Security payments for years.  How? In order to account for inflation, Social Security payments have a cost of living adjustment built in.  […]

Social Security Card

4 ways to maximize your Social Security benefits

[Note: As most of you know, I’m a financial adviser.  I use a program called Social Security Timing to help clients determine the best Social Security strategy for their situation.  I’ll run that report for free for the first 20 of my readers (that’s you!) who request it.  Certain conditions apply, so just email me […]

When should you claim Social Security?

Imagine for a moment that you are one of the few lucky people in America still covered by a defined benefit pension plan.  Now imagine that you’ve reached the ripe old age of 62 and you’re considering hanging up your work boots (or Wingtips) and heading off into retirement.  Your employer would like to see […]