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The best tool for retirement health expenses

There is a lot of uncertainty with healthcare lately, but two trends will likely continue: It will continue to get more expensive and you will continue to be responsible for more and more of the costs.  Even with Medicare, it is estimated that the typical retiree will need between $200,000 and $400,000 to pay for […]

Which state will give you the lowest tax bill?

Your tax bill will vary in retirement depending on which state you call home.  Some states are tax-friendly to retirees and their income.  Others, not so much.  Once you no longer have a job anchoring you in place, you have more freedom to evaluate your options.  To help do that, here are three questions to […]

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7 retirement resolutions for 2013

Well, another year is in the history books.  Where does the time go?  It seems like just yesterday that I was singing along to Prince’s “Party Like It’s 1999” and worrying that my coffee machine was going to be a victim of Y2K and here we are a “Baker’s Decade” into the new millennium.  As […]

Fiscal Cliff cheat sheet

Do you keep hearing the phrase “Fiscal Cliff,” but don’t know exactly what it means?  Well, get ready to impress your friends at the next cocktail party, because here’s a short cheat sheet on what it is as well as a few thoughts on how it might affect retirees. The Fiscal Cliff is a combination […]