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retire sooner

You will probably retire sooner than you think

Hi all.  Life got busy and Part 3 of my series on simplifying your life and executing on the things that are most important to you is taking a bit longer than expected.  I know.  Ironic isn’t it? Anyway, that post will be up soon.  Meanwhile I wanted to give you a few quick thoughts […]

Mini-retirements and work

Mini-retirements and work: A how to guide.

Based on the huge response to my initial “Mini-Retirement” post, I think I can safely draw two conclusions: #1: There are A LOT of you who don’t buy into the “save the best for last” philosophy of retirement.  No surprise here.  IR readers are all about living intentional rather than conventional lives. And… #2: While […]

A short lesson in perspective

Late last month an advertising executive (a real life Mad Man) named Linds Redding died of esophageal cancer.  After being diagnosed in 2011, he would regularly write about the disease, his treatments and his thoughts on life at his blog. Earlier this year he wrote a post called A Short Lesson in Perspective in which […]

An open letter to the Class of 2012 and the Monthly Rewind

As some of you may know, I write a column on retirement for the Omaha World Herald.  Today’s column was an open letter to the Class of 2012.  Since many of you have graduates in your life, I thought I’d pass it on so you could share it with them.  Here’s a link: An Open […]

what to do during retirement

5 questions before you quit

If you asked a group of people to define retirement, chances are good that almost every person’s answer would somehow revolve around no longer working.  In fact, “working during retirement” sounds like an oxymoron to most people.  In reality, though, working during retirement is becoming more and more common.  According to the recent SunAmerica Retirement […]