If Something Happens to Me Kit

Be Prepared.  Protect your family.  Get peace of mind. 

What it is:

Life can change suddenly.  If the unexpected happens, no one wants to leave a disorganized mess for their family.

Organize your financial, legal and insurance affairs with this comprehensive, easy to use kit.

  • Get everything complete, organized and in one place.
  • Avoid legal and financial pitfalls.
  • Save those you love a lot of grief.

What’s included:

Workbook (120 pages) + Document Organizer + Forms CD

  • Written by a Financial Planner and Estate Planning Attorney
  • Worksheets to record details relating to your financial, legal and insurance affairs
  • Professional insights on a host of legal and financial issues
  • Step-by-step guidance for your heirs
  • Worksheets to record funeral preferences and obituary information
  • Comprehensive document locator system
  • Websites and contact information for relevant government agencies
  • Document Organizer to store your most important documents
  • Forms CD to make updating your information fast and easy.

What others are saying:

“…virtually every conceivable area is covered.”
~ Chuck Jaffe, Dow Jones MarketWatch Columnist

“I really think every family should get one…things will be in order and you’re not going to leave chaos.”
~ Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Radio Host

“Once completed, this becomes the repository for everything your loved ones will need should something happen to you.”
~ Mary Hunt, Author

Only $44.95 + shipping

Quick Summary:

Handling this stuff is a pain.  I get it.  It would be much easier if you could sit down with a financial planner and an estate planning attorney and have them tell you what to do. That’s what this is.  All for the price of dinner out and a few hours of your time.  Once done it will be a great resource for you during life and a roadmap for your heirs should something happen to you.