retirement quiz

Can you pass a basic retirement quiz?

Some people have the time, temperament, knowledge and discipline to handle their own finances, while others could use a little help.  Regardless of which category you fall into, you should seriously consider hiring an adviser to help you when it comes to retirement.  Why?  Because the financial issues facing a retiree are very different than […]

purpose in retirement

How to find purpose in retirement

Greetings from the Vee Bar ranch in Wyoming. The family and I came here for a long weekend to do a little skiing at the Snowy Range and to check Wyoming off our list of states visited. We’re trying to get our daughter to all 50 before she graduates from high school. The Cowboy State […]


The 2015 Bucket List Giveaway

Success in just about anything can be boiled down to two things: 1) Knowing what works and 2) Doing what works.  At Intentional Retirement I try to balance my writing between those two things. Sometimes I write about what it takes to have a secure, meaningful retirement.  Sometimes I put those things into practice and […]

What one man’s wilderness adventure can teach you about retirement

Some of you know that my wife is from Alaska.  Her dad (pictured above) was a fighter pilot in the Air Force and Alaska was the final posting.  Until my in-law’s recent move to Washington, we would visit the 49th state almost every year.  It is a beautiful place and I highly recommend it, but […]

Live life

Happy New Year!

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” ~Annie Dillard   How was your 2014? If you’re like most, there was some good and some bad; some things fondly remembered and some best forgotten. Whatever kind of year you had, there is always something exciting about the possibility and promise […]