I wanted you, my loyal, long suffering readers to be the first to know that I just launched a Facebook page for Intentional Retirement.  To help spread the word about the page I’m giving away an Amazon Kindle Touch to one lucky person who “Likes” the page.

Here’s how it works.  Everyone who goes to www.facebook.com/intentionalretirement and clicks “Like” will be entered into the contest.  On Tax day (April 17 this year), I will draw a name at random from our deep pool of attractive and above average readers and send that person a new Kindle Touch.  Pretty much the only caveat is that at least 100 people need to “Like” the page.  That way you have an incentive to tell people about it rather than keeping it to yourself to increase your odds of winning.

Legal Mumbo Jumbo: Void where prohibited.  No purchase necessary, Etc. Etc.

Let’s review:

1)      Go to www.facebook.com/intentionalretirement and click “Like”

2)      Tell your Facebook friends to do the same

3)      Win a shiny new Kindle

Thanks for reading and good luck!


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