Well, it’s December 1st.  One month to go in 2021.  Just a few busy weeks and then Christmas.  And shortly after, New Year’s.  And then…2022.  Which means (hopefully) another bite at the apple.  Another round of birthdays, holidays and vacations.  Another opportunity for meaningful pursuits, work and volunteering.  Another chance to invest in and spend time with friends and family.  How many more chances will we all get?  Who knows?  I turn 49 later this month.  Maybe my turn on this ride will last another year.  Maybe another 30 years.  Again, who knows?  

But, barring something unexpected over the next few weeks, I know that I at least have THIS opportunity.  This holiday season.  This time with family.  This chance to help others.  This chance to mend fences.  This chance to give generously.  This chance to relax and recharge.  This chance to reflect on the past year and plan for the new one.  I don’t know how many more chances I’ll get, but I have this one.  So I’m going to make the most of it.  You should too.  Make a conscious effort to slow down.  Focus on what matters.  Be intentional with your time.  Reallocate your bandwidth toward the things that matter.  Don’t let the season pass in a whirlwind of stress, strife and credit card debt.  Who knows how many more chances you’ll have, but you have this chance.  Make it count.

Be Intentional,


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