Retirement planning affects almost everyone so, not surprisingly, there are a lot of people writing about it. I do my best to bring you helpful information each week, but there are lots of other writers out there producing great stuff as well.

With that in mind, I thought I’d start periodically highlighting some of the best retirement articles from around the web that I think are interesting and helpful.

This week, I’ve selected several articles from my fellow writers over at Dow Jones MarketWatch. There is some great stuff here, so set aside some time this weekend to grab a cup of coffee and do a little reading.

How to retire early – 35 years early.  By Andrea Coombes.  An interesting interview with blogger Mr. Money Mustache on how he used some unconventional thinking to retire at age 30.

Retirement: Two different views on the 4% rule.  By Wade Pfau.  The 4% Rule is a common rule of thumb, but it’s not perfect.  Wade gives a few thoughts on whether or not you can rely on 4% as a safe withdrawal rate.

What’s the best age to retire?  By Robert Powell.  This article covers many of the factors that should weigh into your decision of when to retire.

Retire happier: Control your medical costs.  By Elizabeth O’Brien.  A few strategies for keeping your health care bills from swallowing your retirement income.

8 habits of highly successful retirees.  By yours truly.  These are the habits that make retirement remarkable.

Have a great weekend.  And remember…

Life is short.  Be intentional.


P.S. From the “where credit is due department”, thanks to my friend Joshua Becker over at Becoming Minimalist for giving me the writer roundup idea.
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