I was driving past a large cornfield the other day—I live in Nebraska after all—and had a few thoughts on sowing and reaping.  We’ve all heard the phrase “You reap what you sow.”  That’s true, but it doesn’t tell the whole story.  Yes, if you plant corn, you’ll get corn.  No surprise there.  But there’s also an element of time and quantity.  Time in the sense that it takes time for the seeds you plant to germinate, grow and yield their crop.  Quantity in the sense that you often yield much more than you plant.  With corn, for example, 10 pounds of seed typically yields 7,280 pounds (130 bushels per acre) of corn.  So we reap what we sow, but it takes time and the output usually exceeds input.

As I’m sure you’ve deduced, I’m not talking about corn.  I’m talking about living a secure, purpose filled, meaningful life.  You won’t get a crop that you didn’t plant.  If you want security and meaning, you need to plant “seeds” that will yield those things.  Seeds that yield financial independence.  Seeds that yield quality relationships.  Seeds that yield a healthy body and mind.  Seeds that yield meaningful work.  Seeds that yield unique experiences and lifelong learning.  Seeds that yield satisfaction, contentment, happiness and fulfillment.  And once those seeds are planted, you need to nurture them just like the farmer waters, fertilizes and weeds his crop.   And then one day, you will have a bountiful harvest.  Some of your crops will mature quickly.  Some will take more time.  Either way, don’t wait.  Start planting today with tomorrow’s harvest in mind. 

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