I started an Intentional Retirement YouTube channel a few years ago, but haven’t posted anything in a loooong while. Time to change that.  There are several new videos on the channel right now and going forward I’ll try to post new content each week covering both money and meaning. I’d love to have you follow along.  Just click on the two links below to watch the latest or you can go directly to our channel to see everything available.

And please do me a huge favor and click “Subscribe” when you visit our channel. That way you’ll be sure to see the latest content when it’s available and it will help more people find us, because the more that people subscribe and watch, the more YouTube will suggest the videos to others. Thanks a ton. You’re awesome!

YouTube Video #1: 3 Unexpected Emotions in Retirement

In this video I discuss the unexpected emotions that can crop up soon after retiring and give you some strategies for how to cope with them.

YouTube Video #2: Should you pay off your house before you retire?

Hardly a week goes by that I don’t get asked about paying off a mortgage early. In this video I discuss:

  • The things to consider before making a decision
  • The pros and cons of paying off your mortgage before retirement
  • What I did with my house and why

Thanks for reading (and watching).

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