Maximizing retirement: Maintenance vs. Milestones

No matter what exciting plans you have for retirement, you will still have a good many maintenance type activities that pop up on your calendar every day or every week; things like sleeping, eating, paying bills, going to the doctor, getting groceries, mowing the yard, and cleaning the house.  While important, these things don’t really add much significance to your life.

To find meaning and significance, you will want to focus on milestones.  Those are the things that, when done, give you a sense of purpose and accomplishment.  Milestones tend to fall in areas like family, relationships, education, adventure, community, hobbies, travel, and health.  When reflecting on your life, the milestones will be the things that stick out.  They will be the things that you are most proud of.  The maintenance will just fade into the background.  Because of that, do everything you can to condense, consolidate, minimize, or outsource the maintenance so you can be free to spend more of each day focusing on milestones.



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